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  Joint Sealant


polyurethane joint sealant


  • SONOLASTIC  is a versatile moisture-curing high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity.

  • Active, vertical and horizontal interior, exterior joints. Including expansion wall joints, floor and pavement joints, curtain walls, panel walls, precast walls, window frames, structural components, dams, spillways and storm water drains.

  • Substrates include concrete, masonry, aluminum and wood. Ready to use Requires no mixing; reduces labor costs
    • Joint movement capability ±35% Provides excellent flexibility for keeping moving joints tight
    • Available in cartridges,  ProPaks, and in bulk
    •  No primer required for most Lowers installation costs construction materials
    • Weather resistant Produces long-lasting weather-tight seals • Wide temperature-application range Suitable for all climates
    •  Suitable for water immersion Documented performance in wet areas
    • Low VOC content Meets VOC requirements in all 50 states

Yield Chart 


Size Price l.f.
SL-1 29 oz. $15.50
NP-1 10 oz. $ 5.50
NP-2 1.5 gal. $ call
Backer Rod 3/8"x100' $6.50
Backer Rod 1/2"x100' $8.50
Backer Rod 5/8"x100' $13.50
Backer Rod 3/4"x100' $20.50
Backer Rod 1"x100' $25.50
Backer Rod 1-1/4"x100' $33.50
Closed Cell  Foam Expansion Joint
  • Easy to use in curved concrete pours and does not break or crack.

  • No Water Absorption

  • Removable tear-off strip allows proper depth for sealant, saving labor and sealant cost.


Size Price l.f.
1/2"x3" $  .26
1/2"x3.5" $  .30
1/2"x4" $  .35
1/2"x5" $  .44
1/2"x6" $  .52
Heavy duty steel
  • Standard column lengths are 8'-0, 4'-0, 2'-0, and 1'-0.

  • Steel Forms for Sale or Lease

  • You can eliminate form inventory and keep working capital available by leasing Heavy Duty forms when needed.

  • Form design 3000 PSF on forms through 36" diameter or 2000 PSF on forms over


Rental Rates Per Month
size price l.f.
18" $18.75
20" $19.75
24" $21.50
26" $22.75
28" $23.50
30" $24.75
36" $26.50
42" $36.00
48" $39.75
60" $48.50
flexible epoxy sealant

Polygem Flex-Fill
  • FLEX-FILL is a 100% solids, two-part epoxy joint filler
  •  specifically formulated to meet the punishing demands of today’s industrial floors.
  • FLEX-FILL is used to fill and repair joints and cracks subjected to hard wheeled traffic and will provide for a flexible and durable surface.
  • FLEX-FILL is flexible and resilient and will help protect floor cracks, saw-cut and control joints from cracking or spalling of the joint edges.
  • FLEX-FILL can also be mixed with sand and applied as a coating for a resilient non-skid surface.

Yield Chart 


Description Price
Flex-Fill-2 gal kit $144.00
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